Five Ways to Keep in Contact with University Friends over the Summer


5 Ways To Keep In Contact With University Friends Over The Summer

Keeping in contact with uni friends is always hard over the summer holidays. Facebook and Instagram mean you can just about keep tabs on your best friends’ whereabouts, but what about having a meaningful conversation, or actually catching up? Whether you’re graduating for good, going back home, or making the most of the summer by travelling, check out this list of the 5 best ways to keep in contact with your uni friends.


Make a Date

Find a regular time that suits you and your friends for a phone or Skype date, and stick to it. Catching up is much easier when it’s an ongoing, regular conversation. An old-fashioned phone call may also be surprisingly efficient: you have each other’s full attention rather than with a broken string of text messages.


Use Social Media Effectively

Facebook is great but is an increasingly public means of keeping in contact. Apps like SnapChat allow you to send quick personalized pictures to chosen contacts for a more personal form of everyday updates. Try WhatsApp for the easiest group conversations, easily incorporating images, videos and voice messages. You can also be in multiple conversations at once, which helps to keep track of different groups of friends. Even small gestures, like tagging a friend in a post they might like on Instagram lets them know you’re thinking of them.


Think International

University allows you to make friends from all over the world so think global in your approach to communication. Skype is available as a mobile app as well as on a laptop for free Internet-based video calls on the go. Similarly Viber and FaceTime put those in other countries and time zones within reach at the touch of a button.



It may be easier than you think to plan small reunions with your friends over the holidays. Students tend to congregate around major cities for work or to go back home for the summer, so it could be drinks, a night out or a visit to another friend’s home. For those about to graduate, post-university life can seem daunting but planning reunions and trips in advance helps to ease out of the bubble of student life!


Send a Letter!

Go beyond social media for a more meaningful form of communication. Spend time actually writing a letter to a friend and you will learn to focus on the most important details. People are always excited to get a letter in the post and you never know you might get a written response back!