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+ £9.95 line rental


12 months


The prices are high with the different packages offering only subtle changes making it confusing to choose between.

Our verdict is it’s the worst deal of the bunch DirectSave offer a couple of packages depending on how much you’re willing to pay. Their basic broadband package is £11.95 per month, with a usage of 20Gb which is not ideal if living with a few people as it’s likely you’ll run over; although the speed is reasonable at 20Gb. You will also need to purchase a line rental, costing £9.95 each month; with free weekend calls included costing £21.90 per month; or £27.40 per month if you choose free anytime calls.

For unlimited broadband, you’re better off getting the Family package, with broadband costing £16.95 each month; taking the total monthly cost to between £26.90 – £32.40. Whilst these charges won’t be high if divided between a few of you; it’s expensive for what it is with better rates offered, making this the least value for money.

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Rating: 2.7/5