Five Reasons to Study Abroad


5 Reasons to Study Abroad

Are you able to study abroad as part of your degree? Are you about to graduate but are still unsure of what steps to take next? If these sound like you, and you love travelling, learning, and gaining new experiences then studying abroad might be for you. Here are five great reasons why you should consider studying abroad:


It will Help your Employment Prospects

Studying abroad sets you apart from other job hunters when you’re applying for a competitive job. Your experience living in a foreign country demonstrates you are self-motivated, independent, and able to cope with diverse situations.


It’s Great Life Experience

Discovering a new culture and meeting people from all over the world will develop your independence and self-confidence, which are skills that will benefit you loads when you return to campus.


You can Enhance the Value of your Degree

Studying abroad as part of your degree gives you the opportunity to take courses you might never take at home which will count towards your final grade. Maybe you’ve always wanted to take a beginner’s course in Japanese or are really interested in the history of a particular country. Your time abroad is the opportunity to try new things, and increase the range of your experiences.


You can Pick up a New Language

There’s no better way of picking up a new language than actually visiting the country, so spending a long period of time studying abroad will give you a great opportunity to become fluent in the native language. Having a language is a huge asset, and it can seriously broaden you career prospects.


It’s an Excuse to Travel

If you’re keen to travel but haven’t thought about how to go about it, a great way of experiencing a new country is to study there. You’ll meet loads of people through your courses, have a solid structure to your time there and you might even get the chance to travel around neighbouring countries in your free time!