Five Things to do in an Abandoned Student Town this Summer


5 Things to do in an Abandoned Student Town this Summer

If, like me, you chose to attend a university that sits not in a bustling city centre, but in an outlying town, then you’ll be well aware of the mass exodus that occurs this time of year. Like geese flying home for winter, students drain from smaller towns quicker than that first pint after the last exam in the summertime.

Going home for the summer isn’t an option for everyone, and if you find yourself left behind in an empty student town this summer, there are still ways to keep yourself entertained, here are 5 you might want to consider:


Get a Summer Job

If you intend on staying behind this summer, then you probably already have a job – otherwise you’d be going home, or travelling, or doing anything other than working. If you’re stuck in town for other reasons, then finding a part time job might not be the worst idea, a bit of extra cash is never a bad thing after all.


Join a Club

For those who find themselves left behind, staying social is important if you want to avoid talking to the radio for company. Have a look at what clubs and groups exist in your area, as organizations such as the WI, book clubs, or sports teams are a good way of avoiding cabin fever.


Attend Some Local Events

Just because students leave town, doesn’t mean that the world comes to a stop. Most towns will be playing host to various events this summer: music, beer and food festivals, carnivals, parades, exhibitions, whatever – there are always things going on to enjoy.


Pick Up a New Hobby

Taking up a hobby is a good way to keep busy in the face of a looming existential crisis. Play some sports, learn an instrument, start cooking or find yourself a good knitting pattern – if it’s good enough for Albus Dumbledore, then it’s good enough for you.


Visit Friends

Life doesn’t begin and end in your current town, pack a bag and go visit your friends in another city. Just let ‘em know in advance, yeah?