Five Things to do this Summer


Five Things to do this Summer

Exams are in the air, floating delicately in the spring breeze (well, drizzle). Like a dandelion they deposit spores of stress on any unwitting student in their wake, causing allergic reactions, late nights and frantic scrambling through doodles that sit where lecture notes should be. May is exam season, in fact I’m in one right now, you just can’t get away from them. The saving grace of all this is that exam season is fleeting – it’s pretty much the shortest season there is, far briefer than festival season, hay fever season and the season that greets people at Christmas. Planning out what lies beyond exam season may help take the stress away, so here’s 5 things to do this summer:


Go Camping

Going away is a great thing to do over summer and camping ticks a lot of boxes for a student holiday – it’s inexpensive, relies heavily on tinned goods and requires minimal planning. In addition to that the great outdoors is a perfect stress reliever for a post-exam wind down.


Have an End of Year Party

This one speaks for itself really, get a bucket of mini sausage rolls, 3 different flavours of crisps and toast to the academic year that’s gone. Not only is it a way to commemorate the end of exams, but also provides a hearty ‘smell ya later’ to your uni friends who you may not see for a while.


Work some festivals

Music festivals are now a staple of our summer calendar and the prices reflect that. Most students may be able to afford one festival but attending several, however tempting the lineups are, is just not possible… unless of course you work at a festival. There are always jobs available from food vendors to cleaning crews at the end, working a festival means a free ticket and a bit of cash to boot.


Get a Real Job, Hippy!

While it’s nice spending your summer lounging around and doing very little, getting yourself a summer job is something to consider. Banking up a bit of cash for next term is never a bad idea, and honestly it can get a bit boring doing nothing after a while. Seriously. Okay, it doesn’t.


BBBQ – the extra B is for BYOBB. That extra B is a typo

It’s summer – get grillin’! Grab some disposable barbecues and hit the back garden!

Have a cracking summer and good luck with your exams!