Five Ways to Celebrate the End of Term


Five Ways to Celebrate the End of Term

Perhaps I’m being a little optimistic here – this term has only just begun and for most the post-Easter period signals exams, essay deadlines, presentations, lab assessments, showcases, portfolios, performances and whatever else your department deems a suitable way to judge your abilities on a sliding scale. I’ve always preferred to look forward though, like the Mystic Meg of content writing, so here are 5 ways to celebrate the end of term:


Another Great Lie-in for the Lads

Exams mean timetables, and timetables mean time management, and time management means getting up early. Celebrate the day after your final assessment with a big old lie in. Turn your alarm off, and sleep until you feel guilty about it. Lovely stuff.


Treat yo’ self

It’s easy during assessment periods to treat your workload like a court-ordered punishment. While I’m not suggesting you sack it all off and go to the beach, it’s important to treat yourself now and again. When all your assessments are in the pocket, get yourself something you’ve been holding off on – be it something simple like a tube of Pringles in the bath, or a ticket for a gig you couldn’t justify before. Treat yourself! You deserve it.


(Beer) Gardening

After your final exam/hand in/the other things I mentioned above are complete, it’s well and truly time to celebrate. Get yourself down to your local beer garden and soak up some suns with your chums. When you have a real job (and it will happen one day) the opportunities you have to sit in the pub all afternoon are restricted to holiday time and gardening leave. Enjoy it while you can.


Road Trippin’

This one may require a little more forethought than the previous sage advice in this article such as ‘have a sleep’, ‘buy a packet of crisps’ and ‘do a drink’ (I never said it’d be earth-shattering advice, alright?) Packing up your bags and having a jaunt somewhere is a great way to celebrate the passing of assessment stress and the dawning of summer.


Begin Preparation for the Next Academic Year

…Nah, not really. Good luck with your assessments this term!