Five Ways to Prepare for Life after Graduation


5 Ways to Prepare for Life after Graduation

If you’re graduate this summer, the idea that September will be soon creeping closer again might be the scariest prospect since you started university. No longer will your post-summer plans revolve around the minimal task of re-packing your stuff into boxes and returning to your favourite home-from-home.

Unless you’re lucky enough to have already secured yourself a graduate job, you’re likely to be feeling pretty intimidated about what you will do next. Here are a few tips to get ahead this summer, and use your free time to prepare for the real world and that dreaded job-hunt:


Advertise Yourself

Put some time into updating your CV to prepare for job-hunting, and join websites such as LinkedIn to create a professional online profile. You can follow companies that you admire and join groups that give advice about getting into the field you are interested in. Make sure to sell yourself, and include any extra experience you have gained during university as well as from before you started.


Clean up your Online Presence

Social media is so important when it comes to job-hunting, and it’s pretty certain that employers will look at your online profiles when deciding if you’re right for the job. Remember every employer has access to Google. If you can find Facebook photos of you passed-out drunk on your stairs without too much searching, you won’t make the best impression. Instead, work on things such as your professional networking profiles or maintaining an active and interesting Twitter account.


Apply for Internships

With loads of free time after exams are over, it’s the perfect time to start applying for valuable career experience. Although many internships are low-paid and others completely unpaid, the experience could lead to better paid jobs in the future.


Decide Where to Live

While the idea of leaving your favourite student city can be totally daunting and you’re probably avoiding the thought of it, it’s a good idea to start thinking about where you’ll go. Maybe you want to stay in the same city and find a job, or move to another city. Whatever you’re thinking, don’t be scared at the thought of moving back home for a while. See it as temporary, and as an opportunity to get yourself back on your feet rather than as a backwards step. Plus, make the most of having free accommodation while you can.


Think about What Next

Deciding on your future plans can be scary, but they can also be really exciting. You can spend your final long summer gaining experience for that job application you’ve spotted, or you can look into working abroad for a while and spend some time traveling to figure out what you enjoy doing. Don’t panic if you’re not sure about what you want to do yet, your options are more open now than ever.