Seven Things You Should Do This Summer


7 Things You Should Do This Summer

You have finished uni for the summer, what to do now? There are many cheap and fun things that can be done during the summer months, here are a selection of seven activities you may not have considered.


Go Camping

If you are strapped for cash but still want a fun summer holiday, there is no better option than camping. The weather has already started to heat up in the UK, so make your way down south to Cornwall or Bristol or up north to Whitby or Formby and discover the beauty that British beaches have to offer.


Shaun in the City

The Wallace and Gromit charity recently placed decorated Shaun the Sheep all over London and they have now been moved to Bristol. Make a day or a weekend out of it. You can discover the city whilst finding all the sheep or follow a map to ensure that you see every single one! This is great fun with family or friends, especially if you add a few Bristolian ciders to it.


Fruit Picking

A perfect summer must include some type of berry picking, whether you love strawberries or raspberries, going out on a breezy summer day and filling up your punnets with juicy, fresh fruits is a great way to spend your day. Plus, these fruits will provide many other fun opportunities such as cocktail making, baking or jam making.



Going to a festival may seem cliché but there is a reason why they happen in the summer, because there is nothing better than watching live music with your friends when it is sunny. If you don’t have tickets for the major festivals this summer then don’t worry because many cities and towns hold their own local music festivals at around £10 a ticket so you can experience a festival too without breaking the bank.


Sunset Safari

If you are based in London or are planning to spend a few days there this Summer then be sure to check out ZSL London Zoo Sunset Safari. This magical experience allows smaller groups to visit the zoo at twilight. Plus, there is great food and drinks available to make the evening even more special.


Spend a day at the Races

Going to the local horse races can make a great day out with friends. You can choose to dress up, go casual and compete amongst your friends by betting on different horses. Not only is there a great atmosphere, but there is a chance you could leave with a profit.


Outdoor Cinema

Recently, The Outdoor Cinema has opened up in various UK cities, giving you the chance to see some of your favourite films underneath the stars. Whether you spend this as a date night or go with friends, this will make for a memorable summers evening. If you’re in the London area, visit Somerset house to make the occasion even more special.