Six Speedy Packing Techniques


6 Speedy Packing Techniques

The university year is thankfully nearing its end and likely your lease is up to. All that packing, stacking and tracking can be time consuming and stressful. Use these great tips to get everything sorted and dealt with by moving time!


Sort out your Packing Materials First

There’s nothing more annoying than running out of boxes hours before you have to leave. Make sure you buy any boxes and heavy duty bin bags before you even begin packing. Estimate how many you’ll need and then buy an extra one just in case.


Start Early

It may seem like it’s far away but it’ll sneak up on you, I promise. If you begin packing as soon as possible you can be packing nonessentials slowly over the course of a week. That’s half the work done by crunch time.


Bin Bags are your Friend

It may not seem very glamourous but any and all soft unbreakable items can be shoved in these. This is a huge time saver. If you’re tight on space in the car then this can really make a difference too. While boxes are inflexible you can shove bin bags into all those unused crevices in the back of your car.


Label Boxes

Try and organise any boxes you pack, like keeping all kitchen items together. Label these on at least two sides. This may not seem like a time saver but it’ll be a life saver when it comes to unpacking, trust me.


Don’t Over-pack

It’s easy to make the mistake that heavier stuff should go into a bigger box. Don’t be the student who does this only for the box to split, tipping your stuff down the stairs. Heavier stuff should go into smaller boxes, which also has the added bonus of spreading the weight out.


Maximise Space

Stuff like pillow cases and socks don’t need their own box. Shove them into the tiny gaps of already packed stuff. Not only will this save space but it’ll also stop things from shifting too much and getting damaged.