Six Ways you can Stay Warm in Winter


Six Ways you can Stay Warm in Winter to Save you Money

The winter is an expensive time of the university year, heating costs are high and long winters mean more days with it on. Here are six tips to help you reduce your need to put the heating on and find different ways to stay warm.


Aluminium Foil

Although it seems like an old wives tale, putting Aluminium foil on the back of radiators reflects some heat meaning you can have the heating a bit lower and still stay warm.


Draft Excluders

Door stopping for drafts- although it might not do much, putting down towels and old clothes by doors and windows will help keep some of the cold out and the warm in.


​Chimney Stopping

Depending on where you live, some houses still have chimneys with no fire place, which let in a lot of the cold. Buy a chimney balloon or stuff it with cushions to block much of the cold it allows in.



Stock up on blankets and snuggies- snuggies are especially good if you want to sit and work on your work on your laptop and knock off ones are pretty inexpensive.



Slippers, fingerless gloves and thermals- wear these around the house constantly to keep yourself warm.


The Oven

After you have finished cooking, open the oven door open to warm up your kitchen and potentially surrounding rooms.