Six Ways to Keep Cool This Summer

Drinking Water

Six Ways to Keep Cool This Summer

Summer is here, and it sure is looking like a hot one! Whilst you should enjoy the weather, it can also easily become very frustrating… let’s face it, all we want to do is laze around and sunbathe, and it can be very difficult actually getting things done. But did you know that too much heat can also pose various health risks? Here are six ways to keep cool this summer so you can enjoy your time safely.


Don’t Open your Windows!

When you open your windows during the daytime, you’re actually letting more of the sun’s heat indoors – instead, the best thing to do is close your windows and shut the blinds.

As the temperature cools down at night, then is the perfect time to open your windows to enjoy a bit of breeze. Just remember to shut your windows and blinds when you wake up the morning after!


Turn off your Gadgets

All electronic devices generate heat, just by being switched on – even if they’re in ‘standby’ mode. Switch everything off unless absolutely necessary (including TVs, laptops, game consoles); otherwise you’re just creating extra heat in your property.


​Stay Hydrated

Sounds obvious, but it’s vital you keep hydrated in the hot weather. Make sure to drink lots of water and fruit juice, and avoid caffeinated and alcoholic drinks. For an even colder beverage, store bottled water in the freezer; and lift out only when you’re leaving the house for a super-chilled drink during the hot summer days!


More Water!

Fill a spray bottle with water and store it in the fridge. Then, when you’re feeling warm, simply spray yourself and cool down! Another effective way to keep cool is by taking cold showers, and running cool water over your wrists and forehead during the day.

If you’re feeling unbearably hot and need an instance fix; pour ice cold water into a hat or cap and place it on your head – instant satisfaction.


Eat Cooler Meals

Eating cold food lowers your internal temperature – crisp salads, sandwiches and crackers are ideal food to eat when the sun is shining. If you can’t keep away from hot food (particularly at dinner time), use a grill or microwave to heat your meals rather than the oven or stove; as the latter two generate lots more heat. Perfect in the winter, disastrous in the summer!


Blow Air over Ice

It’s worth investing in a fan for warm summer nights. The most effective way of using one is by placing a bowl of ice cubes in front of the fan, and turning it on, as the air will be much cooler and crisper. It’s especially worth doing this as you get into bed to cool down; and it can take a surprisingly long time for the ice to melt, by which point, you should hopefully have fallen asleep!