Six Winter Clothes Ideas to Help Save Money


Six Winter Clothes Ideas to Help Save Money on Heating

Here are some clothing tips to help you save some cash to put towards the heating bill as well as helping you to keep warm that you won’t need the heating on for as long or as high.


​Take up Knitting

Although this is not for everyone, if you can make yourself socks, scarves, gloves and hats, you can be well stocked for winter. You can pick up wool for cheap in charity shops or pound stores so it is inexpensive. Knitting can also be a therapeutic when stressing over essays and you could trade wares with your friends in exchange for drinks!


Charity Shops

Look in charity shops or army surplus stores for large, cheap and warm coats and jackets.


Think Ahead

Buy your winter clothes in the spring, or after themed events such as Christmas as these will go into sale quite quickly.



Invest in a onesie- this way, you get your legs, arms and feet covered without needing extra socks or jumpers to sleep in.


Reuse Summer Clothes

For girls, adding tights and thermals underneath your summer dresses; for guys- roll down sleeves of summer shirts and wear a t-shirt beneath them.


​Layer on as many clothes as possible

There is sometimes not much need to buy lots of winter clothes when you can just wear a lot of your summer clothes. This comes in handy when you walk across a cold campus into a heated lecture room and have the dilemma of being too warm!