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Flexible tariffs on offer specifically for students combined with bills split per tenant makes Glide our top energy provider.

Glide is a utilities provider with a difference: it is focused on providing contracts to shared student housing. The main benefit of this is that they split the bills depending on how many tenants there are, meaning you’re all accountable for your share, and the days of falling out over who hasn’t paid the bills are over!

Students rate Glide very highly as an energy provider, with previous student Dave stating “when I was a student, we fell out over bills so badly, one of our housemates actually moved out. Then we heard about Glide – one monthly payment for just my share of the bills and no more squabbling over who owes what. I even get money back if we use less – brilliant!”

For those of you that are concerned about your carbon footprint, Glide source all of their energy through green supplier Ecotricity and you can get your broadband and even your TV license through Glide – making things as simple as possible.

Prices aren’t listed on the website, as Glide will give tailored quotes to each property; visit Glide or give them a call on 0333 666 5555 to find out what they can offer you!


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Customer Service
Value for Money
Billing Accuracy and Clarity
Ease of splitting bills with housemates
Complaints handling
Green credentials
Rating: 3.6/5