Five Things to Look Forward to this Easter


5 Things to Look Forward to this Easter

I’ve always felt that Easter is a sort of spinoff version of Christmas – it’s based on the same character as Christmas is, one of the main plotlines involves consuming molded chocolate, and you also get time off from uni to enjoy it. Overall it’s pretty solid. It’s not as good as Christmas, but for spinoffs it’s decent. Better than Joey, anyway. Perhaps because of this, Easter always seems to sneak up on me and I’m never that excited about it as a result. However, this year I’ve decided to build some hype for myself, and in my infinite generosity I intend to share this joy with you all. So here are 5 things to look forward to this Easter:



As you get older, it becomes less socially acceptable to eat chocolate as regularly as you did as a child. Perhaps it’s the guilt that comes with eating unhealthily as an adult when we know we shouldn’t, or maybe it’s just the look that fella gave me when I had a Magic Star stuck to my face that time. Either way, Easter is a rare occasion when it’s completely okay to eat a lot of chocolate. Take advantage before you’re too old for Easter eggs… it’ll happen someday!


Catching up with Old Friends

If you live away from home during term time, then Easter offers a perfect chance to catch up with friends from home. The odd visit during term time is fine, but if you’re as popular as I am, then it can be hard to get both of your friends in the same room when they’re spread across the country at various universities. Easter is a great chance to meet up as a collective and trade stories of the old country or whatever it is you do, so take advantage and grab a drink with friends.


Warmer Weather is Coming

Aside from excessive eating (which seems to be the focal point of this blog), Easter signifies the fact that winter is gone and spring is here. Hurrah! Not only does this mean better weather and longer days, but Easter officially marks the point where I can switch from winter boots to deck shoes and stop blasting out the heating. Well, maybe when it stops raining anyway.


A Well-Stocked Fridge

I opened my fridge door the other day and was surprised to see that it only contained two slices of slappy cheese and an open can of beans… I really can’t remember opening those beans! By contrast the fridge at home contains more food than a Tudor dining hall, with a plentiful bounty of goods spilling from its shelves, ready to be consumed and not replaced at my expense. That’s got to be something to look forward to.


Not long left!

With Easter around the corner, another term is nearly in the pocket and before you know it this academic year will be over. There’s not long left now so take a deep breath and get stuck in! Good luck!