Five Things to Remember Before Going Home this Easter


5 Things to Remember Before Going Home this Easter

And just like that, the spring term is coming to a close. How did it happen so quickly? My housemate still has Christmas shortbread in the cupboard (at least that’s what they think, it’s actually an empty box – keep it schtum), and more than a trace of tinsel still remains in my living room, draped effortlessly around a pizza box in the fashion of a festive Turner Prize nominee. Despite this, Easter is around the corner and it’ll soon be time to pack your bags and spend a few more weeks away from your student abode. With that in mind here are 5 things to remember before you set off home this Easter.


Lights out

It’s fairly obvious that you should make sure the lights are out in your house before you leave for any prolonged period of time. Not only is it stupid to pay money for electricity you’re not using, but it’s not terribly green of you either. Remember, it’s fine to be a skinflint if you justify it with some vaguely constructed ideals! Remember though, light switches aren’t the only ways you can waste energy when you’re out of the house. We use a lot of electricity; your TV, kettle, microwave, internet connection, chargers – these all use energy when left on at the plug, so make sure to turn everything off before leaving. You should also check your heating, as there’s no point in keeping an empty house toasty. If you have storage heaters then this is particularly important, if not you should still have a quick fiddle with the boiler before heading home this Easter.


The Social Network

It’s tempting to make your imminent arrival back home public – how else are your friends, family, neighbours, and/or local governmental figures going to arrange a homecoming parade in your honour? However, before taking to whichever social network tickles yer pickle and advertising your homecoming, consider a slightly more subtle approach. Unfortunately, there are a number of opportunist thieves in student towns who can use this information to their advantage. Advertising a lengthy period where your house is unguarded can be a dangerous thing to do. So make sure you’re a little more discreet – shun the grand online advertisements and consider a more subtle message, text, tweet, status, vine, blog post, email, vlog, letter, phone call, Skype call, smoke signal, or carrier pigeon to notify your friends of your return.



Unfortunately going away from uni for a bit doesn’t free you completely from uni work. While you’re away from your student house it’s easy to forget about your life yonder, and instead focus your Easter break around catching up with old friends, eating chocolate, and attempting a John Lennon-esque lie-in. While the Easter break should be a way to recharge, you should also make sure to keep one eye on any uni work that might be looming after Easter. With this much spare time you can probably fit in a quick revision session or the odd batch of essay writing here and there – so make sure you have the books and notes you’ll need alright? Don’t make that face at me. Put that massive egg down and do some work.


Ticket to Ride

By now, you’ve probably figured out the best/cheapest/easiest/least horrific method of getting back home, but before booking your tickets it might be worth discussing some dates with your housemates first. No one wants to be left on their own admiring the peeling 70s wallpaper in your living room for a week, so try and synchronise your movements with everyone else. I’m not suggesting a sit down meeting, but some idea of when you all plan on leaving and returning might eliminate the risk of having to talk to the slugs in your kitchen for a few days on your own. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Got Milk?

Unless you’re interested in witnessing the process by which milk becomes cheese, throw out your remaining milk before going away. If you are interested in this fascinating transformation, consider finding a documentary instead. It’ll smell better for a start.

Have a Good Easter Break!