Five Fun Things to do Indoors on a Cold Winter Night


Five Fun Things to do Indoors on a Cold Winter Night

It’s December, the nights are drawing in, your scarf and gloves are in regular rotation, whilst your Hawaiian shirt remains relegated to the darkest depths of the wardrobe. With deadlines looming around the corner, these cold winter nights can often feel like a desolate ice road until you get to the exit labelled ‘Christmas’. It’s not all doom and gloom though; here are 5 ways to inject some fun back into your winter evenings at home:


Sir Mixtape-a-Lot

Sit yourself down, get nice and comfy and get to work… on a seasonal playlist. The essential winter accessory, a playlist filled with a selection of the best and worst Christmas music will fill your heart with glee and/or rage. The playlist can then be used to accompany all of the other activities on this list too, making it a multipurpose activity! Fun!



Yes it’s childish, but building a fort in your living room and hiding in it during winter is what made this country great. Probably. Turn your living room furniture on its side and drape it with blankets, duvets, and sheets – whatever you have really. Get yourself a TV or laptop in there, fill your largest jug/bowl/serving accoutrement with mulled stuff and hibernate for the night/week/month with friends. Sorted.


Fondues and Fondon’ts

Nothing says 1985 more than a fondue party – but hot melted chocolate and an assortment of sweet treats for dippin’ sounds pretty festive to me. I say we stand up and reclaim the humble fondue! Find yourself some appropriate seasonal snacks and get dipping – you’ll quickly forget about the sleet and snow when you’re face deep in chocolate.


White Water Crafting

The obligations of gift giving can be a huge financial burden to a desolate student forced to spend their budget on heating bills and fort-making materials. Instead of hitting the high street (well, Amazon) this year, consider personalising your gift giving by making something unique. From chutneys to cards, jewellery to semi-insulting sock renditions of your family and friends – a hand-crafted gift is a good way to fill your evenings, save money and offer a personal touch this year.


Inverse Strip Poker

Gather your friends, a pack of cards and all the knitwear you can find; things are about to get… raunchy? Well not really. Get everyone round a table in their shorts and t-shirts, turn the heating off and play a game of cards. The winner of each hand gets to put a warm item of clothing on. The game ends when there is no clothing left, or somebody has frostbite.