Five Great Places to Visit in the UK this Summer


5 Great Places to Visit in the UK this Summer

Rather than scouring the internet all year looking for exotic destinations to visit, why not start looking closer to home for your next holiday? The UK has so much to offer for a holiday or a mini-break, from beautiful coastlines and mountain regions, to vibrant cities with tonnes to do and see. Here are some great destinations to consider for your next UK trip.



Brighton is one of the most exciting cities to be a student, with a whole host of great art galleries, seafront clubs, bars and tonnes of cool hidden gems. Voted one of the best city beach holiday destinations, Brighton’s legendary beach is also an exciting and cosmopolitan place to explore.



With budget-airline flights from England from as little as £7, a mini-break to Dublin shouldn’t break the bank. That is, unless you’re planning on blowing all of your euros on Guinness. Dublin’s pubs in the summer are lively and packed with live-bands and travellers, not to mention the Irish counterpart to Edinburgh’s world-famous music and arts festival, the Dublin Fringe Festival, taking place early September.



If you’re a total beach bum when it comes to summer but haven’t had the chance to head abroad, it’s not too late to get in some sand and sun fun. Rated among some of the best beaches in the world, Cornwall is a perfect destination for surfing, swimming or just lazing in the sun. There are over 400 beaches though, so you’re pretty spoilt for choice.



The Scottish capital isn’t only the host of the world’s largest arts and music festival throughout august, it is full of loads of great things to see and do. Visit some traditional Scottish pubs on the Royal Mile, hike the steps of Scott’s Monument for amazing city views or tour the historical sites of the Edinburgh Castle.


The Lake District

If you want a break from city life or just fancy seeing beautiful scenery for miles on end, the Lake District is the place to be. In the heart of the Lake District lies Keswick, where there are plenty of quirky cafes, pubs and shops to explore after a day of lake-swimming and mountain walking.