Five Signs you are Ready to Return to Uni After Summer


5 Signs you are Ready to Return to Uni After Summer

Having an abnormally long summer as a student is supposed to be one of the highlights of university life and not something to take for granted. While it’s greatly appreciated during the first few weeks, you won’t be the only one having withdrawal symptoms after too long away from university life. Here are a few sure-fire signs that you’re more than ready to head back to student-world:


You Haven’t Actually Unpacked Yet

Your packing for uni took about half an hour, mainly because you’ve been living out of a suitcase since you came home.


Your Body Clock is Almost Totally Normal

You find yourself heading to bed at a normal time, and you miss those 3am chats with your housemates.


You’re Craving Vodka and Cheap Drinks

It’s been way too long since you had a big night out, and Fresher’s week couldn’t possibly come fast enough.


You Don’t Know How Much Longer You Can Live With Your Parents

How you survived 18 years of living at home baffles you, and you’re excited to be able to be as messy as you like with no consequences.


You Miss Having Work To Do

You know it’s time to head back to university when you actually miss having reading and deadlines. Don’t worry though, the feeling will pass after about a week in…