Five Things to do After Graduating


5 Things to do After Graduating

While graduation is a time of happiness, celebration and overpriced videos of you walking across a stage, the inevitability of a ceremony honouring an achievement is that reality has to follow. After the mortarboards have settled, the question is inevitable: what do I do next? You may already know the answer to this question, you may not – but whatever the answer, there are still a few things you can do after graduating.



First things first, celebrate your achievement! You made it through university with a degree, you worked hard(ish) for a prolonged period of time to achieve something that many don’t – celebrate this fact in whatever way you see fit. This could be a meal with friends and family, a prolonged 3 week party, or 5 consecutive takeaways in bed. Whatever tickles your pickle.


Start Thinking About Your Career

Starting your career doesn’t have to be a tedious tick box exercise of CV submissions, cover letter modification, and LinkedIn trawling. Why not have a real think about your career prospects, and consider alternative options – perhaps you can increase your web presence, attend some events, or consider freelancing or internships if they’re an option for your chosen career path. There are plenty of ways to make strides in your career.


Find Some Interesting Summer Work

Alternatively, you don’t have to dive head first into your career – you’ll have plenty of time to climb the ladder, why not take this summer to try some interesting and unique summer work? Work the festival circuit, work abroad for a bit, or go and volunteer somewhere – why not do something different this summer, while you have the chance to?


Go Travelling

Did you enjoy JP’s legendary gap year stories on Fresh Meat? Well you can become a ledge yourself by fulfilling the biggest student cliché of them all – travelling. Find your way to Malawiiiihhhh, or Peruuuuuhhhh for a few months, mingle with the locals and chunder everywhere. You’ll have stories to bore your friends with forevermore.


Take a Well-Earned Break

After committing yourself to a project for as long as this (3-4 years is a long time!) you’re well within your right to kick back for a bit and enjoy your freedom before pressing on with whatever you want to do next. Sit back, enjoy the sunshine and plan your next move. Congratulations again from all of us at Student Utilities!