Five Things to Look out for at Graduation


5 Things to Look out for at Graduation

Graduation is a celebratory time, you’ve done it – 3 years of leftover pizza breakfasts, regrettable hangovers and occasional studying have finally paid off. The graduation ceremony is the official recognition of your achievements, and you should enjoy it. Like all ceremonies though, particularly ones that involve comical headgear, graduation is not without its quirks. Here are 5 things to keep an eye out for when you graduate this summer:


Creepy Photographers

The official graduation photo will sit atop family mantelpieces for many years to come, forever enshrining the look of gratitude on your face. Photographers know this fact, and many will try to ruin this by dropping an awkward sex joke seconds before taking the picture (phallic/scroll jokes are classic). Keep on your toes and don’t flinch when the creepy photographer strikes.


Relieved Looking Postgraduates

When wandering around campus you may notice some graduates wearing funny floppy hats instead of caps, and their robes will also be a different colour. On closer inspection you’ll notice these people looking intensely relieved, as if they have come through a horrific trial by fire. They have – these students are postgraduates, give them a nod of knowing respect, they’ve earned it.


Terrible Speeches

Speeches are a staple of graduation ceremonies, you’ll hear a few on the day and at least one of them will be terrible. It will rely on awful inspirational quotes, it’ll use abysmal analogies, and if you’re really lucky someone will drop that story about stones and sand in a box (punch line: there’s always room for beer HAHAHAHAHAHA).


Congratulatory Handshake from Someone You’ve Never Met

When you look back over your education, you’ll think of the friends you’ve made, and the lecturers and staff members that may have helped you or inspired you over the years. Instead of being awarded your degree by someone meaningful like this, some bloke you’ve never met, with a confusing title (what the hell is a Pro-Vice Chancellor? Do they just really like the Vice Chancellor?) will warmly shake your hand and wish you the best. Thanks stranger!


That dude from your course who is conspicuous by their absence

The best part of graduation is celebrating with your friends, all except the one person from your course who is suspiciously missing. Are they graduating in absentia? Did they fail somehow? You’ll never know, as you’ll never see this person again… All of this aside, graduation is a great day – congratulations on your achievement from all of us at Student Utilities!