Five Ways to Work Abroad this Summer

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5 Ways to Work Abroad this Summer

If you want to travel this year but are keen to get more out of your holiday than just a tan and some relaxation, you might want to look into working abroad. There is no better way of experiencing a new culture and gaining great work experience than taking your skills overseas. There are, however, hundreds of opportunities and cities to choose from, so to make your decision a bit easier here is a guide to the most popular ways of working abroad during the summer:


Teach English

If you’re interested in working in countries across Asia, South America, or Africa, consider teaching abroad. Popular companies such as TEFL offer a qualification which allows you to teach abroad, but you can also look at opportunities through the British Council or simply contact companies directly. Often you get free accommodation, the chance to explore a totally different culture, and great life and work experience!


Bag an Internship

While paid internships abroad aren’t as common as those that are unpaid, there are still opportunities out there to earn some money abroad. If you have a country or a job in mind then do your research, look to your university’s careers website, and be prepared to compete for the spot. Companies such as GoAbroad are a good starting point, and huge companies such as Lonely Planet and Google often have international graduate intern opportunities, so keep a look out.


Join a Summer Camp

American summer camps are a great way to earn money, while meeting loads of people and also gaining great life experience. One of the most famous companies is Camp America, or you can look for others like Americamp. From sports coaching to childcare, the job opportunities are endless and will look great on your CV. You can even travel after your position ends.


Be an Au Pair

Being an Au Pair is not just available for the ski season in France, there are loads of summer jobs across Europe, Asia, America, and Australia that will allow you to live for free in a new city while caring for the children of a native family. The job usually involves helping with childcare or housework, and in exchange you will receive room and board, and often pay on top!


Become a Seasonal Holiday Rep

Some of the big travel companies such as Thomas Cook and Thompson offer their own rep schemes, which allow you to spend your summer abroad while working various positions. Bar work, hotel, hospitality, and entertainment are some of the main jobs, but you’ll have to have great communication skills dealing with those difficult holiday goers!