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Glide App

Glide App

Glide App

Keeping track of utility bills and being a semi-functioning undergraduate student is essentially an antithesis. It’s a contradiction in terms, much like being a chef with a food allergy, or a Spanish/Brazilian Chelsea striker with an aversion to stamping on people – it simply doesn’t happen. Fortunately Glide have provided a simple solution, conveniently packaged in the form of a mobile app, allowing you, the tired and inconvenienced student to keep on top of your usage and bills whilst you’re on the go… or not. No one’s going to stop you using it if you happen to be slouched in front of your laptop watching SpongeBob on Netflix instead of doing anything productive – that’s fine too.

The app, which is available from the Apple store here, and from the Google Play store here, has more features than a German/Turkish Liverpool defender has stud marks on his ankle – which is to say numerous. The Glide app allows you to get a quote on utility bills, join Glide, manage your account easily, track your energy usage (very convenient if you’re the frugal type like myself), submit meter readings, view your balance, and check your bills. As an added bonus, if the meters in your house are hidden in the murky depths of your basement, in a suspiciously dark and musty ‘airing cupboard’, or behind a ridiculously placed obstacle making you question the entire architectural industry, the Glide app even has a built-in function that activates your torch while using the app. Ace.

As a further bonus, if you download the app before the 24th February 2015, you’ll be entered into a draw to win a brand new 16Gb iPad mini. You won’t win it though, because I have downloaded the app, deleted it, and downloaded it again 67 times so far today. That’ll work, right?

For those that are new to Glide, or indeed to paying bills generally (it sucks, doesn’t it?), Glide offers an easy and manageable service to students in shared households. Glide works by grouping all utilities from gas, electricity, water, telephone, broadband and TV license, into one monthly shared bill, which is split equally between tenants. This means there’s no hassle setting up joint bank accounts or chasing elusive housemates for money – you’re only responsible for paying your own share of the spoils, leaving you free to insert bitter jabs about a Merseyside/Lancashire team who were knocked out of a cup competition recently into your writing – just me? Oh. For more information on the benefits of using Glide, check out their info page here, and let the chaps and chapettes at Glide know what you think of their app on Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #BeAppy, or by faxing them a congratulatory note like I did.