How to get Cycling at Uni


How to get Cycling at Uni

Want to get fit and travel cheaply whilst on a student budget? Cycling could be the answer for you. Many students are realising the huge benefits of cycling at uni. Here is our guide on how to begin.


What are the Benefits?

Combine your daily exercise and get to your destination all at once. Cycling is a great way to burn off those beer and takeaway calories. If you usually walk to uni, cycling will get you there faster. If you are a public transport junkie, save lots of money by cycling and avoid sweaty bus/train commuters! For clean freaks, a lot of Universities offer free showers for cyclists. So there’s nothing stopping you!


Tips for Buying a Bike

Decide your budget before setting out to buy a bike. Would you like an expensive, durable one that will last you a lifetime? Or would a second-hand option be more in your price range? Be sure to measure your leg length and height to find the perfect bike frame. Students should also test out the bike to ensure it is comfortable and easy to use, and beware: thousands of bikes are stolen each year. This is particularly common at Universities. Make sure to buy a good quality lock for your bike and consider investing in bike insurance which can be as little as £20 a year.


Lessons and Road Training

If you never learned to cycle, go out and try. You have to fall a few times before you get the hang of it. There are plenty of services providing lessons and teaching bike maintenance skills across the UK. Cycle Training UK is a good website offering these services, some of which are free. Also be sure to read the Highway Code to ensure you are safe at all times.


The Best Cities in the UK for Cycling

Most Universities do their best to accommodate cyclists in the vicinity. Always check whether it is practical and safe to cycle to University before attempting to do so. There are certain towns and cities in the UK which are more cycle-friendly than others. The top three ranked in a survey were Plymouth, Norwich and Bristol.


What Cycling Schemes are Available?

A lot of Unis have cycling societies and clubs for students to meet up and go on trips together. If there aren’t any available at your Uni, there’s bound to be a local club nearby. Cycling in groups is not only safer but a lot more fun. It is a great way to meet people and participate in cycle related fundraisers and marathons.