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Quick Fixes for your Broadband


Quick Fixes for your Broadband

We have all been there: the new season of your favourite show just came out on Netflix and you spent your weekend binge-watching instead of writing that really important essay due on Monday. When on Sunday night, 12 hours before the deadline you panic and start researching for it the Internet is suddenly down – all libraries are closed and your friends are asleep. What to do? Take couple deep breaths and try to stay positive: even if you are not that good with technology, most of broadband problems can be quickly fixed.

For you, we covered some of the most effective quick fixes for your internet connection.


Connect Manually to your Network

If you share accommodation, you probably have a wireless internet with a router and a pretty creative wireless network name. What if your computer can’t connect to it and even when trying to do it manually, the network can’t be found? According to, you have to force your computer to connect to the router even if it’s not broadcasting.

  • For Windows, you have to go into Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing -> Manage Wireless Networks. From there you have two options: if you see your network’s on the list right-click on its icon and click Properties, then choose “Connect even if the network is not broadcasting its name”. If the network’s name is still nowhere to be found, click “Add” and then select “Manually Connect to Wireless Network” and type all the network’s details in.
  • For Mac, select “other” in its Airport Utility and type in the name of the network and the password.

Of course, even after that, your internet connection may not be working: for a quick fix, try rebooting your router or checking for any software updates.


Check your Microfilters

If you have any item plugged into a socket of your broadband line remember to always plug it into a micro-filter before plugging it into the line socket. Often problems with your broadband are caused by one of the plugged items (such as phone, router, modem or TV) being connected by a faulty micro-filter so check each one of them separately (be patient!).


Ping Google

“Ping” – sounds cute, right? Well, in tekkie-vocabulary ping is a tiny bit of data that your computer sends to another computer to check if the connection works. Imagine it as a phone conversation – someone HAS to say something to make sure there is a person on the other end of the line. And who to call if you want to check if everything’s fine if not Google, your best friend?

  • In Windows computers press the Windows Key + R and you’ll see a little box. Type CMD into it – this will bring another box, in it type ping
  • For Mac, open System Preferences -> Utilities -> Terminal, and type ping in the box that will come up.

If the box replies with “Reply from” then your internet connection is working, probably just really slow or there is a little problem with your device so try rebooting your router or restarting your computer. If it says “request timed out” or “destination host unreachable” then it is a problem with your internet connection – check the wires and microfilters and contact your Internet Service Provider.


Connect your Broadband to the Master Socket

The master socket can be found close to the place where your telephone line enters the property (don’t even know what a master socket is? Don’t worry, internet is full of guides. Here’s one provided by BT but it applies to every phone line connection: HERE). Unplug everything from your line and connect your router to the master socket using one microfilter.


Check to see if there is a Known Fault with the Service

Here is where things get dramatic: sometimes there is nothing you can do but wait for your Internet Service Provider to fix the problem with broadband connection in your area. How can you check if there are any works going on in your neighbourhood?

  • For Virgin, you can visit their Service Status website: HERE
  • For Sky, you can see any service updates when logging onto your My Sky account: HERE
  • ​Your phone number is enough to check BT’s service status in your local area: HERE
  • Enter your TalkTalk phone number to check the service status with this provider: HERE