Ten Things You’ll Miss About Being a Student


10 Things You’ll Miss About Being a Student

As graduation date approaches, the thought of having no secure job, a lack of constant events to go to, and having to start paying full price for everything can be pretty scary. Although there are ups and downs during student life, there are definitely things that you’ll be missing after that dreaded ceremony. Here is a list of ten things that you should treasure if your university experience is coming to a close:


Student Discount

It’s not an exciting thought thinking that very soon you’ll no longer be getting discounted cinema tickets, online clothes shopping, or £1 student coffees. Cheap drinks at the union bar are a thing of the past.


Student Loans

The saddening realisation that yes, we do actually have to pay that back at some point.


Your Friends

It’s a miserable day when your housemates and friends, who have no doubt made university such a great experience, pack up their things and move out for the final time. Thankfully, it’s easier to keep in touch now than ever before, so make sure you have loads of reunions.


Flexible Hours

No longer will all-night sessions at the library be acceptable, or becoming practically nocturnal during exams. In the real world, unless you find a job where you can be your own boss, you’ll have to get used to a schedule, which does often mean waking up before 7am…


Long Summer Breaks

No matter how stressful term-time can get, as soon as June comes around you’re pretty much free for four solid months. Make the most of this time, as you’ll be lucky to get more than four weeks per year once you’re in a full-time job.


Daytime Naps

Gone are the days when you get home at 3pm and have a quick nap before you start work again. Sleeping is for night time when you join the real world…


Skipping the Odd 9am Lecture

Missing a 9am lecture every now and then is something that most students have probably done, just because they can. Arriving to work late just because you slept in just won’t cut it outside of your student bubble…


Having an Actual Occupation

Ticking ‘student’ on the occupation section of a form without thinking will become a thing of the past. ‘Can’t find a job’ generally isn’t on the list…


The Student Bubble

You’ve probably taken for granted how sociable, lively and friendly your student city is, and how easy it is to make best friends with everyone. Moving out of your beloved city to go back home, or even moving into a new one, can be really daunting.


The Student Overdraft

Some of us would be lost without our generous overdrafts, but sadly once our time is up, the banks aren’t so kind to us anymore. Can’t we just be students forever?